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Volkswagen Scirocco R

Earlier this year, rumours emerged that Volkswagen had no intention of developing a next-generation Scirocco, which suggested that the 10-year-old coupé would not be replaced at the impending end of its current lifecycle.

But now a fresh report out of the United Kingdom indicates that VW is considering re-inventing the Scirocco as a “sporty” two-door running on electricity and underpinned by the Wolfsburg brand’s new MED platform.

According to Auto Express, the proposed battery-powered Scirocco would borrow a number of its components from the upcoming ID family of electric vehicles.

“For me, we can only use [the Scirocco nameplate] for a sporty two-door coupé,” Frank Welsch, Volkswagen member of the board for development, told the British publication.

“We are not clear on how we will do such a car, and are thinking whether we do an interesting concept based on our electric platform; this [...]

Hyundai Santa Cruz bakkie concept

Back in early 2015, Hyundai revealed the Santa Cruz bakkie concept. And now – finally – the Korean brand seems to have confirmed that something similar will go into production.

Michael O’Brien, vice-president of corporate and product planning for Hyundai in the United States, told Reuters that the brand’s bosses have “given the green light” for the development of a new pick-up taking inspiration from the Santa Cruz concept.

The report adds that the new vehicle will likely be launched in the US in 2020 as Hyundai seeks to reduce its sales reliance on traditional sedans in North America. Whether the bakkie will be offered in other markets, however, remains to be seen.

It should also be noted that this pick-up seems likely to be something of a lifestyle-focused soft-roader with a unibody frame, rather than a full-on commercial vehicle with a body-on-frame construction. Reports [...]

The long-awaited 3,0-litre V6 turbodiesel certainly raises the game, but is it worth that price?

When the Amarok was launched here in 2010, the harde-baarde had a few choice phrases to describe a bakkie fitted with a mere 2,0-litre turbodiesel engine. The fact that it was more refined and accomplished than the opposition (winning our comparison test in 2013 in eight-speed auto form) did not alleviate the concerns around South African braai fires.

Five years later, and facing formidable new opposition in the form of the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton and the Nissan Navara, all now sporting downsized turbodiesel engines, the 2,0-litre Amarok triumphed again as our leisure bakkie of choice in our double-cab shootout. With most of the perceived reliability concerns unfounded or resolved (read: cambelt failures), was it really necessary for Volkswagen to launch a 3,0-litre  turbodiesel V6 derivative? It will be the only [...]

Volkswagen Tiguan R

Yet more spy footage has emerged of Volkswagen testing what appears to be a Tiguan R at the Nürburgring. This time, however, the test mule seems to be powered by a certain five-cylinder engine from the Audi family (and even appears to feature dual-oval tailpipes, like certain Audi RS variants).

If you have a close listen to the clip below, you’ll hear what appears to be Ingolstadt’s familiar 2,5 TFSI five-pot playing its soulful tune. This is an interesting development, considering that earlier reports suggested the upcoming hot Tiguan would employ a version of the 2,0-litre four-cylinder powering the Golf R.

Still, as Autocar points out, if VW does indeed dip into the group parts pin and pull out the turbocharged five-cylinder mill for use in a production Tiguan, don’t expect it to make the full 294 kW offered in the manic new RS3 and TT RS. [...]

Toyota road rage involving learner

This dashcam footage from Australia shows a Toyota Land Cruiser ramming into a Toyota FJ Cruiser after the learner driver in the latter apparently hogged the right lane.

The road-rage incident, which took place on a two-lane stretch of road in Newcastle, New South Wales, resulted in the 47-year-old driver of the white Land Cruiser being charged.

The video shows the driver of the Land Cruiser becoming impatient with the learner driver in the right lane, before intentionally ramming into the FJ at around the 55-second mark.

Watch the footage above…

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Source: Car Magazine

Hyundai Tucson Sport

Remember the boldly styled Tucson Sport derivative Hyundai Automotive SA added to its range back in June? Well, now the local arm of the Korean brand has given its range-topping Tucson derivative the same treatment, and that means the styling package and power upgrade is finally available with all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch transmission.

While the Tucson 1,6 TGDI Executive Sport makes do with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual, the latest addition has power sent to all four corners via a twin-clutch gearbox. But the Tucson 1,6 TGDI Elite Sport AWD includes the same extravagant body kit, unique black 19-inch alloys and aggressive quad-tailpipes as the original.

The price? R599 900, which is some R100 000 more than the existing Sport derivative and R65 000 more than the Elite variant on which the newcomer is based.

Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director of Hyundai [...]

Isuzu KB

Isuzu Motors South Africa has announced a number of leadership changes in support of the purchase of the Isuzu-related assets from General Motors SA, while the latter winds down its local operations.

Haruyasu Tanishige, in addition to his current role of senior executive officer for the sales division of Isuzu Motors in Japan, will take the position of chairman of Isuzu Motors SA from the start of 2018. He will, however, remain based in Tokyo.

Michael Sacke, who is currently CFO at GM SA, has been appointed as chief operations officer and CFO to “assume responsibility for the transition of GM South Africa’s operations to Isuzu Motors by year-end” and also to ensure the integration of the Isuzu truck and light commercial businesses.

Thereafter, Sacke will take on the roles of CEO and managing director of Isuzu Motors SA.

Meanwhile, Hiroaki Sugawara, current Isuzu Trucks SA [...]

Hot hatch drag race

The hot hatch battle is raging and raging hard. So, what better way to separate the most powerful contenders in this class than by pitting them against one another in an epic drag race?

That’s exactly what the industrious folks over at CarWow did, gathering five of the heaviest hitters in the segment and hitting an appropriately lengthy stretch of tarmac. That’s right, you’re about to watch a five-way drag race featuring the new Audi RS3 Sportback, Mercedes-AMG A45, Ford Focus RS, updated Volkswagen Golf R and new Honda Civic Type R.

Of course, it’s not exactly a fair fight, considering the examples of the Focus, Golf and Civic in this test use manual gearboxes (and the other two boast self-shifters … with launch control). In addition, the Honda is the only front-wheel-drive vehicle here.

The quintet of rivals first race across the quarter-mile, before [...]

BMW M5 vs. Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Now that the new, F90-generation BMW M5 has finally been officially revealed, the inevitable comparisons with a certain rival from Stuttgart have started. While we look forward to driving the new M5 back-to-back with the Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic+, for now we’ll have to be content with comparing the two on paper.

So, just how do these two super-sedans stack up? Let’s find out by having a look at five basic areas…

1. Engine:

The Mercedes-AMG E63 S employs a 4,0-litre V8 fed by a pair of turbochargers. Peak power is rated at 450 kW from 5 750 to 6 500 r/min, while maximum torque of 850 N.m is spread from 2 500 through to 4 500 r/min. Claimed consumption, for what it’s worth, is 9,1 L/100 km.

BMW M5 vs. Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Volkswagen Polo

When broke the news earlier this month that as many as 10 vehicles with a manual gearbox had been culled in South Africa, the comments on our Facebook page made for interesting reading.

A clear divide between proponents of the traditional stick-shift and supporters of cog-swapping hardware that doesn’t require the left foot quickly emerged. While a handful of fans of the conventional torque-converter made their voices heard, many readers expressed a particular affinity for the dual-clutch transmission.

Since this type of gearbox is generally not the cheapest around (and was in fact once pretty much limited to use in high-performance cars), we had a dig through South Africa’s new vehicle market to identify the nine least expensive vehicles employing a twin-clutch transmission. This is what we found…

1. Smart ForFour base auto: R210 400

Smart ForFour
The four-door car [...]

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