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The best restored pre-war car we’ve driven to date, this oldest-on-the-road Mercedes-Benz in South Africa just gets better with age. Meet the Mercedes 10/50 hp Type Stuttgart 260…

This 90-year old Mercedes-Benz is absolutely immaculate. From afar, or poring over the details alongside its owner, it’s clear all the stops were pulled during its restoration. It’s no wonder chassis number U86450 has won several Mercedes-Benz Club of South Africa awards.

Its history is a chequered one and it is a car that has both worked hard and languished. This is the only Stuttgart 260 example imported to Southern Africa and it arrived in 1928, where it did duty as a taxi in Windhoek. The vehicle is also an early example of a Daimler-Benz; although Benz’s history begins in 1886, it was only in 1926 that Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and Benz & Cie merged to form Daimler-Benz AG.

It is unclear when the vehicle arrived in South Africa from [...]

A true enthusiast with petrol seeped into his DNA, some of Laurie’s earliest memories involve cars: “Ever since I was a small boy, I had an interest in them. I grew up in George and I fondly remember sitting on the corner of the street watching businesspeople drive home during their lunch breaks. I would wave at them and they would sound their horns.”

This morphed into an interest in motorsport and, as a young adult, Laurie even did some racing. As his passion for cars grew and his hard work began to pay dividends, Laurie decided to buy cars that he found interesting and had a nostalgic connection to.

The list includes a 1958 Borgward Isabella purchased 20 years ago in Johannesburg: “I’m the second owner and the only work I’ve done on this car is to have it resprayed. It has the original interior and a true 40 000 miles on the odo.


Ever thought the Mercedes-AMG GT S needed to be a little, you know, wider? Well, German tuner Prior Design seemingly agrees and now offers this muscular new PD700GTR widebody kit for the Affalterbach-built two-door.

The package includes the extreme widening of the body at the front and rear axles, while chunky new side rocker panels have also been added. Furthermore, the kit features new front and rear skirts, including a spoiler lip in front and a large diffuser at the rear.

A new bonnet and a fixed, multi-piece spoiler round off the kit, which is fashioned from Fiberglass-Duraflex as standard, but can optionally be specified in carbon if your wallet is deep enough.

Those larger wheelarches frame Prior Design’s own PD3Forged alloys with five double spokes and a black finish, wrapped in Continental rubber measuring 245/30 ZR20 at the front and 305/25 ZR21 at the rear. The interior of the GT S has been similarly [...]

If you’ve got your eye on the upcoming, not-yet-revealed Audi S7 but simply can’t wait for its official release, then the folks over at ABT Sportsline may just have an answer for you.

Yes, the German tuner has put together a new package for the A7, raising the power output of the 55-badged derivative’s 3,0-litre petrol engine and slapping on a set of 22-inch alloys.

Using the recently launched Audi A7 55 TFSI as a base, the package includes an ABT engine control unit for the twin-turbo 3,0-litre V6, increasing its power output from the stock 250 kW and 500 N.m of torque to a healthier 313 kW (admittedly a little short of the outgoing generation S7’s 331 kW) and 550 N.m. That’s a 25% increase in power and 10% increase in torque, for the maths addicts among you.

ABT hasn’t included any performance figures for its tuned A7, but the modification does come with [...]

The Infiniti QX80 has developed something of a reputation for being rather boldly styled. The folks over at Larte Design, though, figured they would build on this hefty SUV’s already head-turning appearance by adding a few choice extras to its body.

The tuner claims that for many customers, the original QX80 (which is based on the Nissan Patrol) lacks “some aggressiveness and sportiness” in terms of its design. In a bid to solve this, the customisation firm has created a redesigned grille, new front and rear bumpers as well as the obligatory side-skirts and air intakes.

The new front bumper features an eye-catching splitter, while the equally bold rear bumper gains a diffuser and central brake lamp. A set of quad tailpipes complete the aggressive look round back.

As far as performance is concerned, Larte has left the naturally aspirated 5,6-litre V8 untouched, with its standard outputs of 298 kW and 560 N.m of torque.


McLaren Automotive has announced that it will launch 18 new models or derivatives – including a successor to the P1 – by 2025.

The British automaker says the move will lift production by almost 75 percent over current levels to around 6 000 cars a year by the middle of the next decade.

In addition, McLaren said that it was “committed to ensuring” that its sportscar and supercar range would be fully hybrid “within seven years”.

Furthermore, the Woking-based brand promised that it would introduce technologies designed to “improve the owning experience”, including the fitment of enhanced cyber protection and improved vehicle tracking devices, plus the implementation of over-the-air software updates.

McLaren Automotive also revealed that it planned to expand in existing markets as well as “evaluate” several major new markets, including Russia, India and Central/Eastern Europe.

“Everyone at McLaren Automotive remains constant in their focus of designing and crafting the world’s best drivers’ cars,” [...]

Mazda Southern Africa says it is now “accepting orders” for the updated Mazda CX-3, which gains subtle improvements inside and out.

As before, the local line-up comprises six derivatives, each powered by the Japanese automaker’s naturally aspirated 2,0-litre petrol unit, mated to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic (torque converter) transmission.

This four-cylinder engine, says Mazda, has been “retuned” to improve fuel-efficiency, reduce internal friction and deliver its torque across a wider rev range. It sends an unchanged 115 kW to the front wheels, along with 206 N.m (an increase of two units).

Pricing now starts at R292 700 (R1 900 more than before) and runs through to R399 200 (R10 800 more than before).

Exterior tweaks include a colour change (to black) for the front foglamp bezels, a fresh 18-inch alloy wheel design, and a slight update to the grille. The brand’s Soul Red Crystal paintwork is also now offered across the range, [...]

We investigate how car thieves operate and the best ways to protect your prized wheels from being stolen…

There are few worse feelings than returning to your parking spot only to find it empty. The reality is, despite modern vehicles’ security systems being more advanced than ever, professional thieves are often one step ahead of the game. We spoke to the experts on the right side of the law at Roadrunner Locksmiths in Paarden Eiland ( to gain insight into the technology criminals use to relieve you of your vehicle.

Which cars are targeted?

Professional thieves steal on order and, whereas you and I may not see any patterns, countrywide statistics indicate that popular passenger vehicles feature high on the hit list because the demand for them (and their parts) is greater. Commercial vehicles and bakkies are also on the wanted list, but sportscars are rarely stolen (except to go [...]

This is the quickest supercar we have ever tested. It also happens to be one of the most accessible and playful…

Astute CAR readers may have already raised an eyebrow at that intro blurb proclaiming the 720S the quickest vehicle we’ve ever configured in our rigorous performance-testing programme. There’s a caveat, yes, and it’s this: with a 0-100 km/h time of 3,09 seconds, the rear-wheel-drive McLaren is beaten by the all-wheel-drive Audi R8 V10 Plus, which posted an astounding figure of 3,03 seconds on our test strip when we tested it in September 2016 (and it dipped below the three-second mark during Performance Shootout 2017, but that was on a grippier surface elsewhere and, for reasons of fairness and equal comparison, we’ll leave that time out of this argument).

What we mean is the McLaren leaves absolutely everything behind in-gear, by margins that may not look large on paper, but in reality are veritable gulfs. [...]

One of the more unusual vehicles that tackled the hillclimb on the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed was this self-driving Ford Mustang. But things didn’t go terribly smoothly for the converted classic, which meandered up the hill, required the driver to take over on occasion and even hit a hay bale.

Siemens developed the autonomous version of this 1965 Mustang in collaboration with Cranfield University.

It uses “advanced location scanning technology” from Bentley Systems, with the engineering team having developed a 3D scan of the track to create “connected awareness” (with a little help from GPS) of the car’s own position.
Mustang hits the hay at Goodwood

Interestingly (or, should we say, bravely?), the engineers opted to retain the Mustang’s V8 rather than replace it with an electric motor or two.

Watch the video above, uploaded to YouTube by the folks over at [...]

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